Interpreting your COVID-19 LFT has never been easier

Knowing the result of your Rapid Antigen Test, often called a Lateral Flow Test or LFT for short, sometimes isn’t as easy as you may think. The presence of a test line on the antigen test cassette tells you the test is positive for COVID-19. But for low levels of infection, the line can be faint, even very faint. So much so, that it can be almost impossible to see with the naked eye. That’s why you need a device to read the test for you. The Test To Go app, powered by MagnifEye™, can see fine detail, such as a positive test line, with 1.6 to 3 times greater accuracy than the average person. It can see what you can’t and tell you with greater certainty whether you are COVID-19 positive or not.

But the Test To Go app can do much more than that.

Test To Go is significantly better than the human eye in reading lateral flow tests

A study carried out in Cambridge, United Kingdom, in April 2021 demonstrated Test To Go consistently read a higher number of positive results compared with the eye of untrained participants.

Test To Go is easy to use

The Excalibur LFT and PCR tests are designed to work with the Test To Go app on your smartphone. We show you how to conduct a Rapid Antigen Test, from taking the sample, to preparing it for testing, to loading the cassette and using the Test To Go app to read the result. It’s all on video on the app so you can see the full process. We also take you through a few short questions to check you fully understand the procedure. That way you know the test is as reliable as it can be.

Check out the video here

You get a certificate showing your test result

There maybe times when you need to prove your COVID-19 infection status. For example, when entering an office or event, or when travelling.

Now it’s easy. The app not only tells you the result of your Excalibur Rapid Antigen Test but creates a certificate identifying you, the date of your test and the result. All stored on your smartphone. Share it when you need to with Test To Go.

Test To Go and PCR testing

Need to show the result of a COVID-19 PCR test? Test To Go can help here too. You can order the Excalibur PCR test kit direct from the app. When the kit arrives, simply do the test following the instructions we provide, register the test using the app and send your test sample back to our dedicated laboratory. Once your test sample arrives at our laboratory we will let you know the result within 24 hrs, direct to your phone. You can share this certificate with others if you need to as well.

Use for proof of negative status prior to travel, local events or work requirements