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Our laboratory is fully operational but there are delays in collections and delivery of tests and samples with Royal Mail and DPD.

Please expect slight delays and only contact us if you are in urgent need of your test /results in order to travel. We are working to process orders and test results as quickly as possible.

Lateral Flow Test – 20 Pack


Bulk pack of Lateral Flow Tests. *Professional Use Only*


  • Includes Equipment for 20 Independent Tests
  • Rapid Sars-cov-2 Antigen Lateral Flow Test Card – X20
  • Sterilised Swabs – X20
  • Extraction Tubes – X20
  • Extraction Buffer – X2
  • Tube Stand
  • Instructions for Use
Price Includes FREE Delivery with Royal Mail
Benefits Include
  • Free Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery and Tracked return
  • Alternatively, Pay for DPD Courier Delivery and collection
  • Purchase all your Family’s Tests in one order
  • Buy with Confidence and Track your Order online from Delivery to Result

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Use for proof of negative status prior to travel, local events or work requirements

Price Includes FREE Delivery with Royal Mail

Use our Bulk Pack of Lateral Flow Tests for Covid-19 Home and Event Testing

Excalibur Pack of 20 Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Lateral Flow Tests

* One Box Contains 20 Test Kits *

Excalibur Healthcare Services have expertly created this Rapid Antigen Test to provide results in as little as 15 minutes!

The new Excalibur Rapid SARS-COV-2 Antigen Lateral Flow Test Kit is one of the most accurate and reliable tests of its kind. The test has been thoroughly tested following UK government protocols by leading universities research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and hospital groups in China and Korea. This antigen rapid test is already in use across Europe and by the UK government in hospitals, care homes, businesses and educational establishments.

The Lateral Flow Test Kit works by quickly detecting fragments of proteins found on or within the virus whilst it is present by samples collected from the nasal cavities.

No other Lateral Flow Test kit available is able to measure very low viral levels, which can only be detected by a PCR test. The Excalibur Lateral Flow Test will miss very few infectious individuals, delivering peace of mind that your results are accurate and easily detected.   

The Rapid Antigen Lateral Flow Test Kit 20 box provides users with the ability to test for Coronavirus wherever they are, without running out. Each box includes every resource you will need to accurately test for results, as well as clear, informative instructions. The test is expertly designed to provide extremely accurate results in as little as 15 minutes, in a simplistic format that ensures ease of use for every user. Ideal for healthcare and care-home trained professionals who regularly require testing in order to continue with their duties.

Kits designed to be applied in specific mass testing environments will be available soon. If you would like further information regarding Corporate accounts and larger orders, please click here

Please note that due to the nature of this product we cannot process Returns or Refunds. 

Summary of Lateral Flow Test Kit FAQs:

# Who can use these tests?

Any professional who requires immediate results in order to travel or continue with their duties. Ideal for healthcare and care-home professionals as well as workplace and education settings.

# Why choose Excalibur Lateral Flow Tests to test for Covid-19?

Excalibur Healthcare Services have innovatively designed this Rapid Antigen Test to provide the most accurate test results from a test of this kind. Creatively produced combining expert scientific knowledge and a simplistic format to enable every user to detect results with ease.

# What is a lateral flow antigen test?

The most commonly known lateral flow test is a pregnancy test and this rapid test performs in the same way. Lateral flow testing is an effective and rapid way of detecting Covid-19. Lateral flow testing works by detecting proteins ( antigens) that are present when a person has the virus. The test kit is a hand held device with an absorbent pad at the end and a results window at the other. The internal strip of test paper will change colour in the presence of Covid-19 antigens, making results easily detectable for the user. The most commonly known lateral flow test is a pregnancy test and this rapid antigen test performs in the same way. 

A lateral flow antigen test work by detecting specific proteins that arise from the virus whilst it is present.

# How accurate is the test?

Excalibur’s rapid Antigen Test has been stringently monitored and observed in thousands of sample tests to ensure it delivers the most accurate results from a test of this kind. In the thousands of samples collected, Excalibur’s rapid tests missed very few infectious individuals, thus delivering peace of mind and results that are accurate and easily detectable.