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How to take a PCR test

We provide full instructions in each kit. But here are the steps.

Firstly, you are asked to Register your test on this website when you are ready to take the test. You can do so by selecting the My Account menu option. Then read the instructions contained in your kit fully before unpacking the rest of your kit.

Now you are ready to start.

Please blow your nose first.
Then wash your hands carefully for 30 seconds before you start.

Clean the surface to be used then unpack your kit

1 x snappable swab stick
1 x test tube with a screw lid containing buffer solution
1 x absorbent pad
1 x plastic transport envelope
1 x clear sealable bag
1 x self-seal mailing box

Open the swab package at indicated point and carefully remove the swab.
Do not touch the softend of the swab!

Stand in front of the mirror.
Open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue – you will see an arch at the back of your mouth.
Wipe the soft tip of the swab 3 times across the two areas shown in the picture above.
This may make you gag. Avoid swabbing your tongue and teeth.

Use the same swab to swab your nose.
Place the tip of the swab gently inside your nasal passage (approx 2cm) or until you meet resistance then wipe the swab 3 times around the inside: repeat this for your other nasal passage.

Place swab in small plastic test tube.
Break the swab at the breakpoint on the swab, holding the tube securely.
Screw the lid onto the test tube. Please ensure the lid is secure.

Please avoid touching the soft tip of the swab with your hands before or after the swabbing to avoid contamination.

Please wash your hands again.

Place test tube with sample into clear plastic bag with the absorbent pad, and seal.

Then place the sealed bag and contents into the transport envelope and seal again.

Finally, place the transport bag in the return box provided and seal using the self-seal strip.
Then follow instructions on the back of this leaflet on how to mail back.

Your test is in safe hands